Still Life Painting with Michael Klein

Still Life Painting with Michael Klein


Wednesdays January 9th + 16th + 22nd + 29th, 2019 | 1:00 - 4:00pm EST

Livestream Class: Join us live from Raleigh or watch in your own time. All content is available indefinitely after purchase + air date.

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This is a rare opportunity to study still life painting in the methods Klein uses when he develops works of art over a longer time period.  Michael frequently teaches in workshop format which only provides the perspective of how a painting is developed over 3 days.  In this class, however, Michael will instruct over the entire month, once a week.  This shows the viewers how he develops a painting in layers as it drys completely each week.  

Topic that will be covered:

  • Composition

  • Setting up your still life work area

  • Block-In in paint

  • Color harmony

  • Form painting on different surfaces, ie. metal verses fur

  • Glazing over the underpainting

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