Portrait Painting in Tuscany with Daniela Astone

Portrait Painting in Tuscany with Daniela Astone


Recorded live in Florence Italy, Spring 2019 | Released July 2019
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East Oaks Studio invites you to our first international production: Outdoor Portrait Painting in Tuscany with Daniela Astone. Over the course of 4 days Daniela shares insights for navigating plein air painting and her stylistic approaches to painting the portrait from life. Learn to mix color temperatures for clear versus overcast days while exploring difficult light effects and how to address them. You'll have access to her materials list and watch her outdoor setup, easily replicated in your own work environment.

Her workshop begins with composition and covering a larger value scheme with 3 basic values: lights, mid-values and darks. Her subject changes mid-course due to weather, giving you the chance to see how her palette and approach changes based on lighting conditions, etc. Daniela begins two pieces and completes her initial composition, sharing how she finishes her work by checking the drawing, angles, tilts, and more. Whether you struggle with the shifting elements of plein air painting, want to use your brushwork to capture form, or are simply interested in studying with one of today's preeminent oil painters, this workshop lends a variety of techniques and insights while set against an incredible Tuscan landscape.