DVD: The Naturalist Still Life with Michael Klein

DVD: The Naturalist Still Life with Michael Klein


Physical DVD, 4.5hrs

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The Naturalist Still Life documents the creation of a new painting. "Suspended" is about organic forms being held in a timeless state of existence. Knowing all things perish, we see quiet reminders of the delicacy of life in this unique work of art.  Watch a contemporary master guide you step by step in the studio as he creates a one of a kind painting.

  • Block in: Learn how to place your composition as you intuitively react to the important elements in your setup. Using gesture, proportion, form and perspective.

  • Brushwork: Discover how to achieve a different effect on each object according to what brush you select and how you develop this aspect of your technique.  

  • Color Harmony: Visualizing how color operates in 3-dimension is essential to seeing harmony in nature.  Start to understand the subtle shifts in hue, value and chroma and how they correlate to the palette, organizing your work space for an efficient technique in your painting.  

  • Materials: Discover how to incorporate medium into your painting gradually as you build up your piece through a series of layers. Incorporating glazes and oil into the working process prevents the painting from sinking in and allowing you to retain vibrancy through the creation of the painting.

  • Art: Many videos are produced from the standpoint of strictly a technical discussion. In this video you will learn how to better your composition by inventing areas of the painting. All great art is inspired by something deeper. Begin to intuitively react to nature as you work and understand the journey all artists embark on as they engage with their subject and create art from direct observation of life.