Painting Glass DVD or Digital Download now available!

Painting Glass with Carlo Russo is a 3.5 hour long digital download split into three parts, with each part corresponding to a day of work on the painting.  The subject of Russo's painting is a simple composition involving an amber piece of Dutch roemer-style glass and a broken egg shell on a light, reflective surface and against a white background.  Part one (day 1) deals with the composition of the subject, materials, drawing, transferring the drawing, and application of a thin underpainting.  Part 2 (Day 2) deals with building a more solid underpainting as a first pass, and then goes into finishing some areas of the painting.  Part 3 (Day 3) follows Russo as he brings the incomplete parts of the painting up to a finish, and concludes the painting.  

*This text was taken from Matthew Innis' review, for the entire post check out his digital magazine "Underpaintings" click here

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