Carlo Russo American Realist b. 1976

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For the first time, Russo is going to share his knowledge with our audience around the world .In this 2 day workshop we will cover basic building and frame construction as well as various finishes such as composition gold leaf, clay paint and stains. Plus you are going to learn about all of the tools and materials you'll need to get started.  Russo will demonstrate each step of the process and explain in detail as he goes. If you've always wanted to learn how to make high quality hand finished frames please join us for this workshop. 

October 17th & 18th $249 for the livestream registration. 

October 19th & 20th $495 for the workshop at East Oaks Studio in Raleigh, NC ( limited to 12 students).

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Painting Glass DVD and Digital Download now available!


Painting Glass with Carlo Russo is a 3.5 hour long digital download split into three parts, with each part corresponding to a day of work on the painting.  The subject of Russo's painting is a simple composition involving an amber piece of Dutch roemer-style glass and a broken egg shell on a light, reflective surface and against a white background.  Part one (day 1) deals with the composition of the subject, materials, drawing, transferring the drawing, and application of a thin underpainting.  Part 2 (Day 2) deals with building a more solid underpainting as a first pass, and then goes into finishing some areas of the painting.  Part 3 (Day 3) follows Russo as he brings the incomplete parts of the painting up to a finish, and concludes the painting.  

*This text was taken from Matthew Innis' review, for the entire post check out his digital magazine "Underpaintings" click here

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