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New October Still-Life Painting Livestream Class

Alex J. Venezia 2018

October 1st, 8th, 22nd, 29th

6-9PM EST $175



We are honored to be hosting a class by Alex J. Venezia on still life painting at the studio. In this tutorial, Venezia will be demonstrating live, sharing his process over four sessions. You will be able to re watch all the content previously recorded in HD video. 

There is a perfect angle on the artist's palette and painting, so you don't miss anything. There is also a crystal clear shot of the artist as he explains everything so you feel like you are here with us in the studio.

The class will run from 6-9PM EST on Oct 1, 8, 22, 29. You will be able to interact with with the artist during the breaks via submitting questions through an email format.

All 12 hours of the content will be available to only those who purchase the access link. We will send a password with the info pertaining to the class once you register (please take note the link will be sent out Oct 1st.)

Email with any questions on how to view the video.



Livestream Drawing and Painting the Portrait

with Louis Carr

Now only $119

(15 hours over 5 days)   

Divia 1_.jpg

Now available!

Louis Carr shares his process of creating a classical portrait painting, in HD while participants asked questions in real time from their studio. There is a perfect angle on the artist's palette and painting, so you don't miss any brushstrokes during the creation of the work. As well as a clear shot of the artist as he explains his process. You get full access to the videos to watch as many times as they need.

"Thank you Louis for sharing your expertise, knowledge and numerous tips with this brilliant and beautiful portrait demonstration! 
Your ability to narrate your thought process while painting is especially insightful.
I like this format for learning. The camera allows a better view than most live workshops. Since it isn't always convenient for me to watch the live stream, I really appreciate having the ability to access the workshop at any time. 
Gracious of you to offer the bonus day 5! "

Each day began with a demonstration discussing the different aspects of Louis' process. Then every 45 minutes the artist will take a break and address questions from the participants who are attending the online class.  15 minutes of direct question and answer and Louis commences painting again.  All this was done for three hours each day, totaling 15 hours of content. 

Floral Painting Workshop (Previously recorded)

with Michael Klein


(9 hours over 3 days)