Figure Sketch Group

Oct 4th-25th 7-10PM

The need for direct study from a live model is a crucial experience we want to include in the community at East Oaks Studio.  For this reason we have opened our doors to anyone interested in painting alongside us in an uninstructed format of Life Drawing and Painting.

A pose will be selected the first night and after agreeing upon the position of the model we will work from this pose for four consecutive weeks.


Reserve your spot for the class now, we expect it to be a popular evening of art making!  We have a wonderful model lined up and have scheduled it for 4 sessions of the same pose.  Something that typically is not done at art schools in the area.  This gives you a chance to dive into figure drawing and painting like you have never experienced!  The "class" is not instructed, although one of the East Oaks Artists will be present during the session.  

If you are interested in having the same position for the entire month, take full advantage of the long pose and sign up for all four sessions now.  We will not be able to hold your spot if you haven't paid in full before we commence the pose.


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