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Jeff Hein Drawing the Portrait Sketch

We are honored to host living master Jeff Hein in our latest livsetream: Drawing the Portrait Sketch. Jeff works exclusively from life or imagination, bringing considerable detail and emotion to his artwork; he is attentive both to the subject at hand and to the compositional choices that help develop the story behind each piece.

Drawing is the foundation to all great artwork, unveiling what the artist is thinking about in a linear format. In this difficult and nuanced medium, there is little room for error. Join Hein and East Oaks Studio for a unique opportunity to learn from one of today's best while drawing from the model. The live event will focus on showing you each step of the process, from the gesture to the finished study. 

Hein is known for his portraits, multi-figure, narrative and scriptural paintings. His work also includes intricate dioramas, complex large scale still-life works, and sculpture. 

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