Free Material

At East Oaks Studio, we are dedicated to curating valuable and inspirational content; part of preserving and sharing information is giving broad access to vetted knowledge. Our aim is to make valuable art a sustainable endeavor for all individuals by providing a variety of educational sources. By partnering with The Line Productions, we are able to deliver state-of-the-art content to the comfort of your home or studio.

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The Line

Free Friday

The Line; Referring to the coveted eye-level hanging line at the Paris Salon, is our way of sharing today’s contemporary master paintings. All featured art is available for sale exclusively through East Oaks Studio following the episode air date.

Our Friday Livestreams cover a variety of topics, products, and techniques. We highlight materials we love and use on a regular basis. We’ve also partnered with several of our favorite distributors to pair our tutorials with a viewer giveaways.