9 hours in length! Michael Klein Workshop (Previously Recorded May 10th-12th 2018)

9 hours in length! Michael Klein Workshop (Previously Recorded May 10th-12th 2018)

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Previously recorded LIVE during Michael Klein’s three-day intensive floral painting demonstration on May 10th in Raleigh. Michael worked slowly through each are of the bouquet to share with the viewer an excellent example of different techniques he uses to create his stunning floral paintings.  This Livestream was a unique chance to get the "best seat in the house". There are perfect angles on the artist's palette and painting, so you don't miss any brushstrokes during the creation of the artwork. As well as a clear shot of the artist as he explains his process.  Often times in workshop the teacher has his back to the audience and it is difficult to hear what is being said, not with this class!  Michael has a clear audio source so that you don't miss a word of what he says.  We are very excited to present this new aspect to our company.  We are bringing the studio right into your home.

Each morning Michael began with a demonstration discussing the different aspects of his process. Every 45 minutes we took a break and addressed the questions from the participants who were attending the online class.  15 minutes of direct question and answer happens during the recording and Michael commences again painting.  All this was done for three hours each morning, totaling 9 hours of content. 

This is the longest and most thorough course Michael has ever given on camera. If you missed out on the LIVE session this is a perfect opportunity to see what East Oaks Studio is offering in their Livestream Workshops.

Email us at info@eastoaksstudio.com if you have any inquiries about the format.

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