Materials List and HiRes Image

Painting Glass with Carlo Russo


Drawing Materials: 

- Staedtler 2mm mechanical pencil w/ HB lead

- Kneaded eraser

- Staedler rotary pencil sharpener

- Drawing paper 60-70lb weight


Painting Supplies:

- New Wave wooden palette

- Stand oil (painting medium is approximately 2 parts oil to 1 part solvent)

- Gamsol

- Palette cups



- Flake White , Winsor & Newton

- Titanium White, Winsor & Newton

- Cadmium Lemon, Winsor & Newton

- Cadmium Yellow Pale, Winsor & Newton

- Cadmium Yellow Deep, Rembrandt

- Yellow Ochre Light, Winsor & Newton

- Cadmium Orange, Winsor & Newton

- Transparent Red Oxide, Rembrandt

- Cadmium Red Light, Gamblin or Winsor & Newton

- Cadmium Red Deep, Winsor & Newton

- Alizarin Permanent, Gamblin

- Ultramarine Blue, Winsor & Newton

- Cobalt Blue, Winsor & Newton

- Pthalo Blue, Gamblin or Winsor & Newton

- Ivory Black, Winsor & Newton

- Quinacridone Magenta, Winsor & Newton



- AE Canvas Priming, Bronx NY

Contact: Angel De La Cruz 718-665-3814   or

Order the “Carlo Russo Priming”

Lead and Titanium Ground on fine weave linen. 




I use a large variety brushes while painting. My philosophy on this is that you should use every tool in your box, so to speak. That being said, here are some of the brushes I can recommend to help get you started. 

- Rosemary and Co. , Ebony Filbert sizes 2-3

- Rosemary and Co. , Synthetic Botanical Set

- Rosemary and Co. , Series 278 Masters Choice Long Filberts sizes 1-6 w/ long handles

- Trekkel , Kolinsky Round 7000 Series sizes 3-5


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