The Line

Check out the new episode featuring a beautiful work by James Gurney.  "Winter Sunset" is a significant little painting that we are certain you will find fascinating to learn about.

The Line; referring to the coveted eye-level hanging line at the Paris Salon, is our way of sharing today's contemporary master paintings

Episode 1 - Featuring Thomas Kegler

This episode we get to have a close look at a moody landscape from Thomas Kegler.  "The Song of the Whipporwill" is a mid size painting with large presence.  See how Kegler handles elements of the painting from composition to color harmony.

EPISODE 4 - Featuring Alex Venezia


"The Milk Carton Kid" is an award winning still life by young artist Alex Venezia.  Alex is from Virginia Beach and has been largely self taught.  Watch this episode to discover his immense talent.

Episode 7 - Featuring Jeffrey T Larson

This episode we get to see one of today's best still life and figurative artists working in an impressionist method.

Episode 2 - Featuring Amaya Gurpide

Discover "Reverie" by Amaya Gurpide. She is one of today's leading artists and is clearly inspired by the work of DaVinci on this piece. Amaya captures the soul of her sitter so intimately that you can imagine being in another world as you engage with the work of art.



"Irish Roses" is a stunning little floral painting by a unique young talent.  Rachel has just began her career and is proving to be an extremely gifted painter.

Episode 8 - Featuring Jospeh Mcgurl

"Snow Maker's" by Joseph McGurl. The artist is one of the best studio painters of this genre.  McGurl works up all of his paintings from field studies which he takes back to the studio.  Learn about this incredible process and the art spirit behind it.

Episode 3 - Featuring Colleen Barry

"Self Portrait with St Jerome" is an exquisite little oil painting by Colleen Barry.  Colleen is the core drawing instructor at the prestigious Grand Central Atelier.  Her knowledge and mastery is clearly evident in how she handles the execution of this painting.

Episode 6 - Featuring Nick Alm


"Ballerina" is our first watercolor featured on the show.  Internationally known master painter Nick Alm shows his ability in execution of this fascinating piece depicting a soulful model.


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