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JOshua Larock

3-Day Portrait Painting

May 26-28 2018 (Memorial Day Weekend) - Raleigh, NC


(only 12 spots available in each)

Capturing a likeness is among the most elusive yet emotionally satisfying of artistic endeavors.  In this workshop Joshua will walk students through every step necessary to create a luminous portrait from life.

Instruction and critiques for this workshop will center around the elements of form and how to achieve the illusion of three-dimensions.  By better understanding the importance of form the student will gain new insight into value, color, drawing and expression.


Michael Klein

Flower Painting Workshops 2018

Duluth, MN - June 1-3

The Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art has invited Michael to instruct a three day workshop at their beautiful new location.  This class is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who has been influenced by the impressionists, although has not been introduced to academic art or the principles of conceptual form modeling. 

Master Workshop Series 2018

Yorkshire, England

June 25-27 or June 28-July 1st

This series of workshops will be hosted at Rosemary & Co.'s new estate in the rolling hills of gorgeous Yorkshire.  For more information regarding registration, email Symi or Louise below.

(only 15 spots available)


Louis Carr

Child Portrait Painting - June 22nd-25th, 2018


Painting portraits of children can be  challenging not only because of their subtle features but also because of their tendency to move.

Join Louis as he guides you through his process of painting children. He will demonstrate in the morning painting a child from life. After the demo you will all practice painting from life as he makes his way through the room giving individual instruction. Louis  will go through tips and tricks that help you navigate through the difficulties of a child's pose while trying to capture children’s likenesses and color from life. There will be discussions about child’s structure and how to capture their subtle identifying markers, as well as pitfalls that people usually have when painting children. There will also be talks on the concept of form and color, as well as effectively using visual aids.



(only 5 spots available) 

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