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Joshua Larock

Portrait Painting - January 13th-15th, 2018


Capturing a likeness is among the most elusive yet emotionally satisfying of artistic endeavors.  In this workshop Joshua will walk students through the steps necessary to create a luminous, in-direct portrait painting from life.

Instruction and critiques for this workshop will center around the elements of form and how to achieve the illusion of three-dimensions.  By better understanding the importance of form the student will gain new insight into value, color, drawing and expression.

Joshua will be demonstrating the in-direct approach to oil painting. This is distinct from the alla-prima, or wet-in-wet, method in that it is done in layers and can therefore achieve wonderful and subtle effects by the use of semi-transparent veils of paint.

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Michael Klein

Flower Painting - September 22th-24th, 2017


This workshop will cover how I approach a floral painting from life. Due to the fleeting subject matter, I will walk the students through my entire process. Each morning will be spent discussing basic principles of the block-in and getting the gesture of the flowers from a live demonstration.  From there, I will show you on your own work how to plan several steps ahead in your painting to achieve the highest level of finish throughout the course. There will be emphasis given to developing the painting combining the use of optical observation and conceptual form rendering techniques.


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Louis Carr

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