What is atelier live?

The classic atelier is an art studio or workshop that offers a systematic approach to learning - Atelier Live is reinventing what this experience is.

In the classic approach, artists travel internationally to study under a master. Atelier Live creates a similar experience by recording and sharing educational footage in real-time. Join us live or rewatch later from the comfort of your own studio.

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what is the difference between atelier live and tutorial videos?

Atelier Live courses (livestreams) mimic the traditional workshop structure, but are available to you online from anywhere in the world. We invite you to purchase the livestream before the air date and engage with the instructor, or enjoy the recorded version of any artists in our library. Either way, you have access to the content indefinitely.

Tutorial Videos are an exclusive collection of instructional works offered by renowned artists. They mimic the more traditional Instructional DVD, and are available for purchase in both digital + DVD format.

Both Atelier Live courses and digital Tutorial Videos are hosted directly on our website and require a wifi connection for streaming.

can I download digital content after purchase?

Currently, our Atelier Live courses and our digital Tutorial Videos are available directly through our website; they require wifi for streaming. We do not offer downloadable formats at this time. Please see our collection of Tutorial Video DVD’s for content available offline.

Can I rewatch My Purchased Livestream?

Yes! All of our content is available indefinitely after purchase.

Can I submit a question during livestream courses?

Yes! We provide several opportunities throughout the livestream to engage with the artist. Questions are submitted in writing, directly through our website; submissions are accepted while the course is live.

How do I learn about upcoming livestreams or other new content?

Join or mailing list, here! We aim to keep our content valuable by sharing new content and products, sales, and free educational content.

Are works presented in the line available for purchase?

Yes, with rare exception. For interest in works shown on The Line, please contact us within 60 days of the episode release date.

Do you ever offer discounts or sales?

Absolutely! Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming sales. We also love sharing discounts with our repeat customers; once you’re in the East Oaks family keep an eye out for special savings.

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Do you offer any free Content?

Yes! We believe in making art education accessible to all. For short tutorials that cover a wide array of techniques, processes, and general art FAQ’s checkout our Facebook Livestreams, here.

Or, enjoy The Line; our free program for sharing and assessing works by contemporary master painters available here.

Do I need special equipment to join Atelier Live courses?

To join our Atelier Live courses, you only need a device that connects to the internet; generally all tablets, mobile devices, and laptops/desktops with internet connectivity are equipped for streaming on the web.

do You ship International?

what is your return policy?

We ship worldwide! If you don’t see your destination country on our available shipping list, send us an email with your mailing address.

We aim to provide content that inspires + educates; if you aren’t satisfied with any part of your purchase, send us a note and we’ll help make it right.